Best Free App for Counting Contractions

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If you`re a writer or editor, you know how important it is to keep track of contractions in your text. Not only do they affect the tone and style of your writing, but they also impact the accuracy of your word count. Fortunately, there are many free apps available that can help you with this task. In this article, we`ll introduce you to the best free app for counting contractions.

The app we recommend is called Contractions Counter. It`s a simple and user-friendly app that allows you to track the number of contractions in your text. Here are the key features of this app:

– Easy to use: The app has a clean and intuitive interface that makes it easy to start counting contractions right away.

– Accurate counting: Contractions Counter accurately detects and tallies up all contractions in your text. This makes it a reliable tool for keeping track of your writing progress and word count.

– Customizable settings: You can customize the app`s settings to suit your preferences. For example, you can choose to count contractions with or without apostrophes, and you can set the app to alert you when you`ve reached a certain number of contractions.

– Accessibility: Contractions Counter is available for free on both the App Store and Google Play. This means you can use it on both iOS and Android devices.

In addition to these features, Contractions Counter is also free of ads and in-app purchases. This is a big plus for writers and editors who are on a tight budget.

To use this app, simply copy and paste your text into the app`s text field. Then, click on the “Count Contractions” button, and the app will do the rest. The app will display the number of contractions in your text, as well as the number of words and characters.

In conclusion, if you`re looking for a free and reliable app for counting contractions, we highly recommend Contractions Counter. Its intuitive interface, accurate counting, customizable settings, and accessibility make it the best option for writers and editors. Give it a try, and see how it can help you streamline your writing process today!