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The UWS Outcome Agreement: What It Is and What It Means for Students

If you`re a student at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS), you may have heard of the Outcome Agreement. But what exactly is it, and what does it mean for you?

In short, the Outcome Agreement is an agreement between UWS and the Scottish Funding Council (SFC), which sets out the university`s key performance targets and how it plans to achieve them. The agreement covers a three-year period and is updated annually.

The Outcome Agreement is a key part of Scotland`s quality enhancement framework for higher education, which aims to ensure that universities provide high-quality, accessible education that meets the needs of students and society as a whole.

So, what does the Outcome Agreement mean for UWS students? Firstly, it provides a clear roadmap for the university`s priorities and objectives over the next three years. This includes goals such as improving student retention and employability, increasing research income, and enhancing the student experience.

The Outcome Agreement also sets out specific targets for UWS to achieve in these areas. For example, the university aims to increase its retention rate from 85% to 89% by 2023, and to increase the proportion of graduates in work or further study six months after graduation from 91% to 95%.

Importantly, the Outcome Agreement also includes a commitment to the principles of widening access and social inclusion. UWS aims to increase the proportion of students from disadvantaged backgrounds by 1% per year, and to ensure that all students have equal opportunities to succeed regardless of their background.

Overall, the Outcome Agreement is a positive development for UWS students. By setting out clear objectives and targets, it provides a roadmap for the university to improve its performance and ensure that students receive the high-quality education they deserve. So if you`re a UWS student, be sure to familiarize yourself with the Outcome Agreement and keep an eye on how the university is progressing towards its goals.